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Kaya has been an integrative massage therapist living in the heart of Texas since 2013. She is passionate about helping her clients to heal dis-ease of all kinds by rebalancing and restoring the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms. Her favorite style of massage is a slow, rhythmic form of Deep Tissue that works to calm the nervous system, improve body awareness & co-create a deeply felt transformation of the myofascial system. Kaya’s passion for functional movement led her to a daily barefoot hiking practice which eventually led to a passion for barefoot massage. She is currently exploring this world through the lenses of Ashiatsu & Thai bodywork. In addition to practicing Swedish and deep tissue massage, she has provided caring & effective prenatal bodywork to clients since she began her career as a therapist. Kaya will be refining her practice by studying advanced Ashiatsu techniques with DeepFeet as well as Thai Foot Massage with Thai massage master Shama Kern. 

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