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Green Light May Relieve Chronic Pain

NPR recently released an article with some interesting data that some researchers have been studying about the effects of green light on migraines and other forms of chronic pain. Having some scientific data from credible sources about the effects of something like green LED light on chronic pain is very exciting. Although research at this point is mostly animal studies and human anecdotes it does bring some interesting observations to the table.

One of the studies principal investigators Dr. Mohab Ibrahim observed that on average 60% of those studied experienced a decrease in intensity of their migraines. Dr. Ibrahim also designed a 2017 study that observed quite remarkable results that saw green LED decreasing a pain response in rats.

The article also mentions a Harvard study that observed green light can in some cases reduce intensity of headaches and can “trigger positive emotions"

There is definitely quite a bit more research that needs to be conducted on the effects of green light on chronic pain. But for those seeking relief from their symptoms with non-invasive or pharmaceutical intervention this news brings some hope.

At Dimensions Massage Therapy we have made all our rooms have custom LED lighting that can change colors based on the clients preference. Although hard to observe if this has any effects on a clients chronic pain, the addition of colored lighting seems to be a nice added touch to the massage experience. We are excited to be able to offer Green LED light in conjunction with massage or in our infrared sauna room for any and all who would like to give it a try.

So next time you get a Deep Tissue or Ashiatsu session, maybe try some green light.

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