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Trevor C

Trevor is the sole owner of Dimensions Massage Therapy. He has multidimensional experience in the industry of massage therapy from hands-on-massage, designing industry software and solutions to building a busy brick and mortar massage studio. 

Trevor is a graduate of the National Holistic Institutes combined 1350 hour Core and Advanced program. Originally Certified in California and now Licensed in Texas, Trevor had over 6 years experience with hands-on-Massage-Therapy before opening up Dimensions Massage Therapy in April of 2019. Trevor is fluent in modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy and Eastern body work such as Thai and Shiatsu. Although fluent in many modalities he generally blends certain elements of his knowledge to tailor each of his massage sessions to the individual client needs. 

Modalities:   Deep-Tissue Neuromuscular Therapy Shiatsu  Swedish  Thai

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