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An important message...

As the corona virus starts spreads and reshapes the lives of everybody across the globe, our hearts are with you empathetically and our minds are working towards being part of the solution. During these times we like to emphasize our commitment to health and wellbeing of the Austin community. Fortunately as a business that puts wellness at the forefront of its day to day operations, we are optimistic in our ability to weather the storm. Already Dimensions practices proper hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of common illnesses such as influenza that translate into safe practices for the corona virus.

Things we already do:

  • Daily cleaning of commonly touched objects and tools essential to service

  • Thorough washing of hands, forearms, and feet between every session

  • We encourage that therapist call-off whenever feeling even the slightest bit ill. Some of you may have already been asked to reschedule appointments in the past for this reason. This is already common protocol to prevent the spread of other pathogens and now the corona virus.

  • Bleach wash of all linens and towels used for massage and sauna services.

  •  Available hand sanitizer in the lobby, massage rooms and at our wash sink.

New things we’ll be doing:

  • Some of you may be familiar with the Defense Wipes we offer for after use of the  infrared sauna. We will now be offering these wipes after your massage session as an added measure and peace of mind. 

  • Higher frequency of cleaning and sanitation of our entire space. 

  • Sanitizing lobby chairs after anyone sits on them

Things we can all do to help:

As many of you have probably already observed this virus is not only disrupting the health and well being of many but is also having major economic consequences. Now more than ever it is important to support your local businesses in whatever ways you can. There are things we can all do to contribute to the success of our neighbors that don't require money or even patronage. Writing a 5 star review for your favorite restaurants, taco trucks, coffee shops and massage spa doesn't require money and can be done in less time than your last Instagram or Facebook post.  Purchase future services and packages. Most businesses, including ours sell gift cards, memberships and packages for future services that can be purchased online or over the phone. Consider making a purchase to keep cash flow going and your favorite places open in the future.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to getting through this and serving you all into the future :)

Sincerely,  Dimensions Massage Therapy Team

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